Explaining the Chair: An In-Depth Review of The Panasonic EP 1285KL

Panasonic is a brand that has years of tradition in electronics. What some may not know, though, is that this passion and precision—as well as expertise—is not confined to gaming systems and computers. They also have a line of massage chairs that includes some of the advancements in technologies that are seen in their other electronic products. One of the best is Panasonic EP 1285KL.

The Panasonic EP 1285KL has a design that is unique and yet unassuming. It is the most popular choice in the Panasonic massage chair line. One of these reasons is because of the amazing quality. The other is because of the affordability that comes with picking this option in massage chair. It will not break the bank. To learn more about this unique and budget-friendly chair, keep reading to learn all of the details.

The Panasonic Brand

As noted, the Panasonic brand of appliances and electronics has been around for decades. Nearly forty years have been spent manufacturing massage chairs. Panasonic is committed to bringing consumers a chair that provides a deep and steady massage. The EP 1285KL does not disappoint in this goal.

The Programs

The programs on the Panasonic are pre-programmed. They allow for options in massage but all of them are geared toward a realistic massage experience. The goal of these four options is to provide a realistic massage that will refresh and energize the body. There are also Shiatsu and Swedish massage options as well. Further, for those that want a more intense experience, there are five different levels of this as well. Programming coupled with intensity settings are a powerful and unique massage experience that is quintessentially Panasonic. It will also allow for blood circulation benefits as well.

The Design

The design of the Panasonic EP 1285KL is very impressive. It design was constructed with the goal of allowing it to fit into multiple different décor settings. The design is black with aluminum accents that make it very sophisticated. The chair has seating, too, that is rather luxe. There is a quality upholstery as well that makes it smooth and stylish. The chair also moves and does so by using a remote control. This controls the chair without an extensive amount of pushing of buttons.

The Ottoman

The EP1285KL comes with an option of a deep and penetrating massage that focuses on the back and neck as well as the limbs. This is accomplished through air pockets that help the chair to mold to the user’s body. There are also air bags located at the feet as well. This is known as the air ottoman feature and has been reported as one of the most beneficial of features of this chair.

Putting It Together

The Panasonic EP1285KL has been dubbed by experts as one of the best massage chairs on the market today. The features described above highlight just why this is the case. Adding to the beauty of the chair is the acupressure massage feature as well that really focuses on making sure that the body gets a good massage. Also, the zero gravity that is present on this machine as well as the amazing mixture of intensity and massage programming. If the goal of this chair is to help to relax a person, it does so with tremendous success.

But, as with anything, it is important to look at a comparative list of the features that make it great and what might be lacking. To do this, included is a list of the weaknesses and strengths of the chair. This will allow individuals and potential buyers to learn a bit more before buying this awesome chair. The weaknesses and strengths included:

The Strengths:

  • The design which keeps an eye on modern features
  • The realism of the massage and how the vibration patterns and airbags work to give a more human-like experience
  • Deep-tissue massage option
  • Air ottoman features
  • Over three preset options in programming
  • Just under nine different programmable choices

The Cons:

  • Can be complicated with all its features and different options
  • Can require extra time to learn about these features requiring more of an investment in energy to utilize the machine in the beginning


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