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Certain products in home and health are worth spending a bit more and investing in. A massage chair is one of them. There are several different chairs on the market that yield a high price, but not all are with their strengths. The Infinity Iyashi, however, is a feature-packed chair that has multiple different characteristics that make it well worth its price point. Edgier and sleek, this chairs has everything from high-end therapeutic treatments to wireless connectivity. The following expounds upon these features as well as others. It also helps identify what drawbacks or concerns this chair may have in order to provide a well-rounded and informative review.

The Zero-Gravity Feature

Zero-gravity is a wonderful feature to have in a massage chair. This option helps to do more than just massage the body. It actually helps to foster healing and alleviate stress of both the physical and psychological body. The zero gravity offers two distinct positions that help to meet the user’s needs. It can also be very beneficial in that the chair has a track system that allows for this zero-gravity feature without taking up extra space and room.

The first position allows for what seems to be a reclining position, and it is. But, with the aforementioned track system, it does not actually push back against the wall. This means that it will kick out but not kick back. That means you can have it right against the wall or as you see fit. The second position allows for a reclining position that embraces the individual in it. It is like a nestled feeling that allows the person to be cushioned while getting their massage.

The Airbag Systems

The airbag and roller system on the Infinity is equally as impressive as the zero-gravity features. With multiple different airbags located throughout the device, the compression feature is very impressive. There are nearly forty of these bags and they are located throughout the device. What makes these bags great is that they are constructed in multiple layers. This allows for a squeezing feeling that is intense but gentle at the same time. Further, these airbags are located from the top of the device to the bottom. As such, they provide a well-rounded and full body massage feeling. These air bags are located:

  • Shoulder: The shoulders are an area that often sees and feels tension. The Infinity is designed to focus on this area. Here, users can expect to feel the kneading feeling of actual hands. There are also rollers here that provide a twisting feeling as well.
  • The Lower Region: The legs and feet are another area of the body that is impacted by stress. This stress, however, is more from movement such as walking. The Infinity focuses on massaging everything from the legs to the soles of the feet.
  • Waist: Airbags on the Infinity are placed in the waist region of the body. These are specifically designed to focus on a kneading movement that is similar to an actual masseuse’s hands.
  • The Glutes and Back: The lower back and glutes can become as easily stressed as any other part of the body. The Infinity knows this and helps in healing through gentle massages.
  • The Hands: The arms and the wrists are sensitive areas. They can become stressed by overuse or lifting. The Infinity focuses on this area through a wrist and hand massage feature.

The Programs

Programming options are important to have as massage is not a one-size-fits-all art. The InfinityIyashi has multiple programming options. The six equipped on this machine are:

  • Relaxation: The relax program is focused on gentility. It utilizes the zero-gravity feature and cuddles each individual in a true embrace of comfort.
  • Extend: The extend programing is all about extending the body. As the body extends, it is stretched and increases the release of pressure.
  • Air: The air system is based on the use of all of the air bags on the device. It increases pressure in a comforting way that helps to alleviate stress in multiple regions, especially focusing on the back.
  • Rhythm: This program is about connection. Working with a user’s favorite song, it actually massages based upon the rhythm of the music.
  • Partial: The partial program allows the user to select the area that they want to focus on massaging based upon personal needs.
  • Refresh: This program is intense and focuses on massaging all of the body. It has a strong intensity level for increased effectiveness.

Additional Features of the Iyashi:

The Iyashi Infinity does not stop there. There are other great features including:

  • Roller-based massages
  • Heated back area
  • Stretch Program based upon Thai massage principles
  • Light therapy
  • Interconnectivity with Bluetooth
  • Massage Apps

Wrapping It Up

To put it all together, the Iyashi Infinity is a great chair with all the bells and whistles that anyone would expect. For a cost, those that are looking for a comprehensive chair can get it. But, as with anything, are cons for this device in addition to the positives. These include:


  • Dual zero-gravity zones
  • Many airbags
  • Heat
  • Design and features rooted in modernity
  • Extended warranty


  • High cost


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