The Massage Chair Reviewed: Understanding the Titan

Uniqueness is at the center of the popularity behind the Titan ti-7800 chair. This massage seat has a comprehensive set of features that allow for a truly well-rounded massage. From head to toe, users will know what it feels like to get that full-bodied experience and that is something that keeps them coming back time and time again. With customizable options, this budget-friendly chair is among the most popular in the titan brand. But, to really understand why it is so wonderful, it is important to delve deeper. The following is a comprehensive review of this standout massage chair.

Massage in Zero Gravity

Zero-gravity massages are known to be one of the most effective features of a chair. This feature, which is equipped on the Titan, allows the user to feel nearly weightless. As such, it provides a deeper massage as it reclines. Reclining back allows the feet and lower limbs to be at a height slightly higher than the heart region. This helps to really expand and open the body to allow for a deeper and more effective massage. It also allows for the spine to feel the effects of an impressive massage experience.

The Programs

Pre-programmed options in a massage chair are important. They allow the chair to help the user without having to have numerous different combinations and discussions about what is the right way to utilize the machine. The Titan does not disappoint in its 7800 model. This massage chair has four different preset programming options that users can choose from. There are programs that focus on the type of massage such as a Shiatsu option. There are also movement-based programs like a tapping option and a kneading one as well. For those that want to make their own pattern of massage, that is possible to through the customizable massage choice.

The Style

The Titan 7800 does not believe that every chair must look the same. That is why it offers buyers the opportunity to choose from four distinct designs. While each design remains sleek and stylish, it offers more options for those that want the chair to blend into their home or living environment. Each design comes with the features discussed but are designed slightly differently.

The Price

Another one of the most popular features of the Titan is that it is a very affordable chair. The chair is from Titan which is a solid brand as well. It is not, however, as well-known as other manufacturers of massage chairs on the market today. But, with all of the different features that the chair has to offer and the lower price point, the Titan should be a true stand out in the massage chair market.

Protection Plan

Many of the larger brands on the market can offer protection policies to their buyers when they choose a massage chair. This is the case with Titan as well. Those who purchase the Titan 7800 are given a protection plan to help ensure that their chair has protection for years. The three-year warranty is provided for different things that may wear out from normal use. This adds another value to this awesome chair beyond its massage capabilities

Putting It All Together

The Titan 7800 is a great chair. It gives amazing massages from the top of the head down to the toes. With an affordable price tag and an extended warranty of three years, it is a chair that brings value and protection to the purchaser as well. Further, the Titan 7800 comes with many different features that allow everyone who uses it to customize it to their personal needs. As such, it can be used by many different users without fear of the one-size-fits-all approach that other chairs have.

But, to give you a complete look before making this investment, this review provides you with a quick pros and cons list that identifies the strengths and weaknesses in this chair. This list includes the following:

The Strengths:

  • Extended three year warranty
  • Different design options
  • Massages the legs
  • Massages the arms
  • Human-life massage system

The Weaknesses

  • Not as many settings as other chairs on the market
  • Heavier chair
  • Larger chair that takes up more room in an individual’s home


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