The SognoDreamwave: A Comprehensive Review

There are few names as trusted as Inada in the massage chair world. Around for over five decades. Inada has a trusted reputation of creating well-crafted and highly functional chairs that meet the demands of today’s users. The Dreamwave is no exception. The SognoDreamwave by Inada is packed with amazing features, customizable options, and a range of motion that is impressive and functional. As such, it is no wonder that it often leads the pack in massage chair options. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading for a comprehensive review.

The Programming

Among the most amazing of features on the Dreamwave is the programming. This chair does not believe that one-size-fits-all when it comes to creating a vibrating massage. On the contrary, it allows those that wish to use the chair up to eight different options in programming. While some of these programs are based upon the type of massage and the speed, others are focused on time of day. From a morning to a night option, this massage chair provides options which individuals using the chair enjoy. Further, all of these massage options can be chosen with a quick press of a button making it easy for nearly all buyers to use.

If pre-programmed options are not what you are seeking, there are massage options that are not already created. These are known as manual massage settings, of which the Dreamwave has several. From Shiatsu to Double Kneading, these manual massage options allow the user to select the combination of different massage types that they want to use, allowing them the freedom to create their own massage.

The Coverage

When buying a massage chair, the coverage area is important. While some massage chairs focus on one particular area, others focus on a full body massage. The SognoDreamwave by Inada is the latter. This massage chair can achieve the full body massage that it provides through the mechanisms housed within it. There are over ten different motors and over-one-hundred massage areas that provide coverage to the whole body. From head to toe, those who use the Dreamwave receive a an all over feeling of relaxedness.

Shiatsu Seeker

Imagine an infrared system in a massage chair that could actually detect all of the points on the body that could benefit from a massage. The Dreamwave has it with its Shiatsu locator. This system focuses on the different regions that could be made more effective through a comforting massage. It is one of the most coveted features of the Dreamwave.

Youth Massage

The Youth Session massage is another awesome aspect of the Dreamwave massage chair. This session is a youth-based massage configuration that considers the needs of younger users. Specifically designed for those fourteen years of age and older, the Dreamwave can be used by multiple people in a family making a great chair for those who have a variety of ages in their household.

The Heat Factor

Many massage chairs offer different types of massages. What makes the Dreamwave a bit different is that it has a heat option as well. The Dreamwave has sensors and additions under the seat that transfer heat through certain areas of the chair. This can make for a much more effective and relaxing massage. It can also aid in the healing of muscles as well.

Relax and Recline

The Dreamwave has a reclining seatincluded in its body. That means that those using it can kick their feet up and relax. This easy to use feature is excellent for those that like to lay more prostrate when getting a massage. IT can also help in blood circulation as well.

Wrapping It Up

The Dreamwave is a multi-function chair that has many different features. It is not, however, without its drawbacks. While the number of rollers and their varying widths are great, there are certain features that may not be ideal for all individuals. The pros and cons are listed below:


  • The design of the massage chair is well-throughout and beautifully crafted.
  • Safety features that make it child-friendly.
  • Speed is customizable.
  • Reclining is automatic.
  • Multi-age range of use.
  • Heated seat for additional comfort and relaxation.
  • Multiple programming settings.


  • High price



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