Best Massage Chair – Knowing What to Look For

A massage chair can be an amazing addition to any home or office. The pulsating waves bring relaxation and stress-reduction without ever having to head to the masseuse. For those who are looking, there are several different massage chairs on the market today. This is great for those that are seeking options. Yet, the sheer number of massage chairs can be overwhelming when it comes to knowing which one to buy. The following, though, is a list of the top ten massage chairs available and why they are considered the best.


1.  Inada Dreamwave


The Inada is among the most coveted and appealing chairs on the market today. This recliner has an intentional design as it was crafted with chiropractors and physical therapists in mind. The technology is advanced and unique to the chair. As such, the motions and stimulation pattern can only be found on the Inada Dreamwave. What makes it even better is this is not a one-size-fits-all machine. Instead, the massager has eight different programs that are perfect for those that want something a bit more special and unique to their needs. From the head and neck to the calves, the Inada Dreamwave massages it all. With under 1300 square inches of massage area, this recliner is a perfect addition for anyone, whether they are young or older. Of course, the cost is a bit more for something of this magnitude and advancement. Therefore, this is a chair for those that are looking to invest in their perfect massage.


2.  The Beautyhealth Shiatsu

The Beautyhealth Shiatsu is another item to consider when buying a massage chair. This chair has been highly rated time and time again. It has unique technology that offers a massage from neck to toe. It has nearly seventy different inflatable bags that allow for an intensity of massage that is highly impressive. Adding to the uniqueness of this model and its appeal is the different options that a user has. The chair can be programmed with over four different massaging options and an impressive five-plus pre-programmed selection. What makes it even greater is that you can choose a setting of massage based upon your personal needs and wants at that moment. Whether you want a more medical-like massage or one to help you wake up, this is the chair that can do it all.


3. iRobotics

The iRobotics 6 is an impressive massage chair. Made in the United States, the Lucaro Company outdid themselves when they created this chair. It is the first on the market with robotic features. Specifically, the chair massager with its unique features and impressive goal of stretching and massaging the body. Adding to the appeal is the zero-gravity style of the chair and the programming capabilities. The iRobot does more than just focus on a region of the body. It focuses on providing a technology-based and complete massage to anyone that sits in the chair. So while the cost may be more, the experience is well worth the price tag.

4.  The Massage EC01 by Best Massage

BestMassage has done it again with their Zero Gravity chair. The hand massage by EC01 is a great addition to any home or office. It can also be used in health care facilities as well because of the features and the design. This chair is focused on providing targeted massages to just the right areas of the body. This full body massager focuses on everything from the hand to the feet and adds pressurized features as well. The EC01 is also highly targeted and can pin point a particular area of interest making it great for those who have specified areas that they wish to focus on. With four different programs and great presets, this chair is comprehensive for its size.

5.  The Forever Rest Massager

The Forever Rest Massager is another chair that is focused on those looking for a more advanced option in massaging. With an ergonomic design and a powerful motor, this chair is great for those that want something more with their chair. There is an S-shaped design that nestles the user in an air of comfort and prestige. There is also extra padding on the back that allows for additional comfort. With a body scan feature, the goal is to provide a true to life experience. There is even a walk and scratch feature as well. For those that want something spectacular in their chair, consider this a great option.

6.  The Panasonic Float Chair

Panasonic is a name synonymous with technology. When it comes to massagers, this is no exception. The Float Mechanism technology in the Panasonic is impressive. The massager not only eases pain and helps to combat the body’s daily wear and tear and stress. It also focuses on providing spa-like experiences through its programing options. With a human-like massage goal, the Panasonic has options in shiatsu, Swedish, and even Hawaiian massages, just to name a few. There is also technology equipped that focuses on the legs and calves as well which adds to the beauty of this chair.

7.  The iJoy

A more budget friendly option in this list is the iJoy. This chair is great for those that want a comprehensive massage but do not need unnecessary extras. There are three programming options that focus on the body of the individual sitting in its seat. The goal of this chair is the easing of everyday problems like pain, fatigue, and stress. The chair focuses on the back and neck as well as the hsoulders. It has a kneading option and rolling as well. Of course, because it is in the lower-cost range, it will not have the advancements of the other chairs on the market. However, for home and practical use, this is a great chair to choose.

8.   The Electric Shiatsu

The Electric Shiatsu BestMassage is a great chair for those that are investing in their massage experience. With a higher price tag, this chair comes with a number of different features that are great for those that are searching for something more advanced. The chair has over twenty airbags built into the model. It also has a strong focus on the lower half of the body, unlike other chairs where the focus is on the torso, back, and neck. The different programming options are focused on the needs of the individual user. There is a setting for nerve stimulation and one that can help to fight exhaustion. Further, the goal of the chair—as it is explained—is to make customers happy by improving flexibility and stimulating their body to revive and relax. With a unique design and heated features for an added luxuriousness, this is an incredible massage chair.

9. EC-69 Full Body by Shiatsu

For those that want a great chair but are not looking to break the bank with their investment, look no further than the Full Body Shiatsu EC-69. This amazing massage chair has the latest in technologies with a highly versatile performance factor. The massage chair reclines into a bed for those that want the full-body treatment effect like those in a high end spa. There are heated features that specifically target the back and the sleek design is perfect for those that want to have that lux feel. With brown and burgundy options in hue—as well as the traditional black—this chair can go virtually anywhere.

10.  Osaki Executive

There is a stylish about the Osaki Executive that is very impressive. Made from faux-leather with the appearance of real, the OS-4000 is highly fashionable. Able to massage the neck region as well as providing a full lumbar focus, this is the chair for someone that is looking to have it all. Even the buttocks can be massaged with the Osaki Executive. The reason for this full and impressive relaxation is the number of areas the body focuses on supporting. With over thirty different zones, this recliner has thought of all the areas that need adjusting. As such, it provides an amazingly powerful massage all in one great and stylish chair.

1. The Best Five Under Five Hundred Dollar

For those that want a massager but do not want to spend a great deal, there is good news. There are great models in chairs for under one-thousand dollars. But, knowing which is best and budget-friendly can be difficult due to the sheer volume of massage chair options. This next list includes not only the best five massagers under a thousand dollars. Instead, this short list is of the top five under five-hundred, saving you time in finding the one that is right for your home.

1. The 7600-P by BK-GG

The 7600 is a great massage and reclining chair that comes equipped with an Ottoman. Its size is smaller which makes it great for those that want a massaging chair but do not have the room for it in their office or living room. There is also a sleek black style to this massager which allows it to blend into many different décor styles. With lumbar focus and an attention to the hips and thighs, this is a chair that should not be overlooked.

2. Comfort Products

The Comfort Products line of massage chairs are another great selection for under five-hundred dollars. These chairs are known for their thick foam and their emphasis on relaxation. The massager hits all areas of the back and the thighs with its internal ten motors of stress relief. There is also heated features which bring a warmth to the chair and to the user. There are three different programming modes that can be selected. Users can also choose the strength of their massage as well with different intensity settings.

3. The Relaxzen 60-425111

The Relaxzen is a great name and brand in massage chair. The 60-425111 is no exception. This chair comes in a beautiful chocolate brown color that simulates the look and feel of leather. It has eight different settings for vibration and has a timer built in. Those using the chair will enjoy the nearly ten different settings of massage as well as the ability to control how this massage is manifested. You can also set the duration of the massage as well as program a sleep timer just in case you relax yourself to sleep.

4. The Leisure Massage Chair from Relaxzen

The Relaxzen Leisure Massage Chair is a great and affordable chair. Equipped with an attached remote and detached ottoman, this chair focuses on providing the user with a comfortable experience and strong massage. The Relaxzen Leisure has thick padding that provides comfort to the user. It also includes with it a base that is wooden for extra stability. Further, there are nine programmed massage settings that a user can choose from as well as multiple different intensity levels. If there is a particular area that needs focused on, the Leisure Massage chair can do that with its zone selection feature. Perfect for those that want a chair that won’t break a budget, the Leisure Massage Chair from Relaxzen is it!

5. The Kings Brand Swivel Chair

Another great option for under five-hundred dollars it the Kings Brand Massage Recliner. This swivel chair with an ottoman comes designed in a beautiful cream color. Great for massage therapy, it has a soft and warm feel that many users love. There is also heated functions and a focus on the thighs and hips in this chair. Side pockets add to its utility and allow users to keep their needed items close by. This is a great chair for those who may be older or need to keep things handy. The pockets also serve as a great remote and device holder for when an individual is simply sitting in the chair.

2. The Chair Chart

To better help you make an informed decision when buying a chair, it is important to look at more than just a single model. Instead, you want to make sure that you are looking across brand and across different models in order to compare. The following is a quick and easy massage chair chart to help you get started in your analysis.

1. What You Need to Know to Select the Best Massage Chair

Choosing a massage chair is more than just about choosing a pretty or powerful model. While these are important, it is also important to consider the different factors that go into selecting the chair that is right for you. No two people will want the exact same thing in a device. Just as with anything, it is important to really study the characteristics and the features before choosing a massage chair. There are some different options and different criteria that you can think about before making that final selection. Below is what you want to consider before choosing your next chair.

2. Budget

Among the most important—if not the most important—factors when buying a massage chair is the budget. Those that want to purchase a chair need to think about how much they want to spend. Massage chairs can range in price from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. Those with many features tend to cost more and can be very expensive selections. Those with less features, however, or those that are base models can be simpler in their functionality but still offer what some who are on a budget is looking to use it for. Looking at the budget and the amount of money that you wish to spend first can stop you from making an impulse purchase that you cannot afford in the long run. Therefore, this important and should be considered among the top priorities in developing a plan for choosing the right massage chair.

Remember, too, that just because a chair is pricey does not mean that it is the best. Sometimes, even the most expensive of chairs can come with faults. You want to make sure that you are choosing a chair that meets your needs and are not simply buying just to buy the most expensive. Again, the higher the price tag does not always mean the higher the quality.

3. Look at What Others Have Said

Another thing that you are going to want to do when looking for massage chairs is to really look and see what others have said. There is something to be noted about others’ experiences with massage chairs. You can learn a great deal from those who are not promoting or selling the items but have no bias in sharing their experiences. This is important and can bring about valuable information that you will need to know. For this reason, make sure that you are looking at what others who have purchased note about the chair so as to better know what to expect when you purchase.

4. Prioritize

One of the most important things to consider and to think about before selecting a chair is what you are going to use that chair for and what needs are going to be met by its use. Some chairs are great for those that want a simple massage with nothing fancy. Others, however, are packed with added features that are great for those that are going to use their chair all of the time. Still, others focus on a particular area of the body that needs work and these are perfect for those that have a specific need in a particular area. Those that are looking to buy really need to think about what it is that they are going to use the device for and choose one that meets those needs.

5. Research The Options

As noted from the very first paragraph of our exploration into massage chairs, there are numerous options on the market. This is something that can be very beneficial to you as you look for a chair for the right price and the right features. But, finding the right chair for you will take time. As such, you want to make sure that you are doing your research and that you are picking a chair that can meet your needs. For these reasons, it is best that those making this type of purchase sit down and look at all of the options, narrowing it down by budget and features. Then, take the time to really examine each one and list the pros and cons. This can help you to not only buy a chair but to make a highly informed decision. To get you started, you will want to consider the type of massage the chair offers, the overall design, and whether or not the device can be customized to your massage needs, to name a few. Each of these is broken down for your convenience here:

  1. Massage Location: Look for the types of machines that are going to give you the massage coverage that you want. You may just want a massage to target a certain place or location. For others, it may be best to cover the whole body. With so many different chairs to choose from, there is no doubt that finding the one that targets the areas that you need is possible. Just make sure to research and know them first.
  2. Design: Design is an important factor in any device or system. A massage chair is no exception to this rule. The designs of these chairs can vary greatly. Some are designed in a way that is impressive and large. These are great for areas that have a lot of extra room. For those that are looking for something smaller, though, there are options for smaller massage chairs. The choice is based upon personal preference and individual choice. It is worth comparing the different options, however.
  3. Programming: Programming is another integral part of a massage chair that can vary across make and model. Programming refers to the type and pattern of the massage chairs functioning. Some models are more advanced than others and have multiple settings and programming options. Others are simple and only utilize a few different settings. The programming that you get will be based on how much you want to spend, how advanced you want the program to be, and just where and how you want the massager to focus on your body. The pattern and style of massage are also included in the programming category. Be sure to research and choose the one with the options that are right for you and your needs.
  4. Customizing Capabilities: Another thing that you will want to research is the customization of a machine. You will want to see if you can choose the settings that are right for you. Customization refers to how targeted the device is and how many of your needs it can meet. Take your time and be mindful of what it is that you are seeking to do with your device and make sure that you compare across models. This will help you to make an informed decision and choose a massage chair that has all of the features that you want and need with the proper customization options.
  5. Consider the Warranty: There is something important to be said for the warranty on a massage chair. You will want to make sure that you have some protection on a purchase if you would like it to last for years and years to come. It does happen that items break and things fall apart from normal wear and tear. As such, you will want to make sure that you are considering a protection plan when buying. Not every chair will have a protection plan and some it is not worth the additional cost. This is something that you will have to consider and should incorporate into your budget if at all possible.
  1. Brand and Purchase Location: Finally, it is important to make sure that you are buying from a reputable dealer when you are purchasing a massage chair. For instance, if a deal is offered online and seems too good to be true, it may very well be, especially if it is coming from a store that has a bad reputation or a retailer that does not have a good track record. Therefore, investigating the purchase location is as important as investigating and researching the features that the device has.

Equally as important to researching the location that you are purchasing from is researching the brand of the device. Brand’s typically have a reputation and you want to make sure that the one you are buying from has a great one. You will want to consider the longevity of the brand and the overall customer satisfaction rating. This helps to ensure that your device is from a trusted company and not from one that does not have your best interests in mind.

6. Why Massage Matters

Now that you know more about the massage chair and the best options, it is important to consider why buying a chair can help you so much. There are numerous different ways that a chair can help to ease the struggles of daily life and provide some temporary relief to aches, pains, and exhaustion. Massages have been in existence for centuries and the value that they bring is amazing. From physical to emotional benefits, it is important to understand the value that comes from having a regular massage. The following explains more about some of the great benefits of utilizing a massage chair.

  1. Circulatory Help

An increase in blood flow in the body is important to make sure that the systems and organs are properly oxidized. There are several different systems in the body that can really see a benefit from circulatory enhancements and massages help to increase this flow. This can lead to an overall better feeling as well as have some seriously positive health benefits. In fact, some studies have suggested that massages have helped in the battling of hypertension and other circulatory disorders. Massages get the blood flowing and help to repair muscles by bringing oxygen to them. Getting a regular massage via a massage chair can be a great addition to any health plan that involves a need for circulatory improvement.

  1. Pain Easement

Sore muscles are a common problem that many individuals face. From torn and strained muscles to simple aches and pains, a massage chair can help in all of these areas. One of the reasons is that massage chairs, if used properly, can loosen and stretch the muscles. This will help those that are sore from a run or a day on the job. There is also research that suggests that a regular massage following an injury can help to increase the speed of recovery. That means that those who are utilizing a massage chair can cut their healing time down and get back to the things that they want to do.

  1. Posture Improvement

Posture improvement is another benefit of utilizing a massage chair on a regular basis. It helps to strengthen the muscles, especially those in the back, and has helped users to sit more erect and straight when in the seated position. Increased posture is important and can be very helpful. This can be very beneficial both physically and emotionally as well. Studies have suggested that those with improved posture feel better psychologically and physically both. Sitting up right is a great way to feel more confident and to send that confidence to others, too. Therefore, massage chairs and the muscle stimulation that they provide have the benefit of improving posture in many situations and the added benefits associated with it.

  1. Stress Relief

Massage chairs can serve as a temporary escape from day to day life. They release tension and stress in the body which can drastically improve mood. This is important because those who utilize massage chairs or purchase them for personal use often do so in seeking this stress relief. Studies show that with the right chair and the right usage, the body becomes more relaxed and there is a benefit to both the physical and the psychological body. This can lead to a healthier life with less distraction and more relaxation. All from a simple chair!

  1. Reduces Anxiety

In much the same way that massage chairs reduce stress, they also can reduce anxiety. A massage can actually release endorphins into the body and this leads to a great increase in the overall feeling of happiness. As happiness is a combatting emotion to anxiety, those who use a massage chair regular report that they have seen a great reduction in anxiety through their usage of the devices. Those that struggle with stress and anxiety should consider buying a chair. It can greatly help in reducing the toll that these conditions and life factors have on the body as well as lead to an improvement in overall feelings of happiness.

7. So How Do Massage Chairs Work?

To help you have all the information you need to begin your journey to picking a massage chair for your home or office, it is important to understand the mechanics of these devices. This section focuses on how massage chairs work. There are several different types of technologies included in massage chairs and no two chairs are the same. This section will breakdown different features and aspects of the chairs so you know just how they can function and how they accomplish what they do.

What Is It?

Firstly, it is important to expound upon just what a massage chair is. A massage chair, in its most basic form, is a chair that provides soothing messages to a user through vibrations and pulsations. These pulsations and vibrations are developed through a series of technologies within the device and are not necessarily the same from one chair to the other. Instead, there are numerous varieties and combinations that provide a unique experience based upon the structure of the chair.

Do Chairs Do More Than Just Vibrate?

The long and short answer to this heading is, yes and no. Depending on the type of chair that you purchased, the type of massage will vary. For instance, there are those chairs that have vibrations only. That means that the key to the massage given by these types of chairs is through a shaking movement that impacts the muscles through the different locations they are located on the chair. Other chairs, however, have rollers included in them. These models of chairs tend to be a bit more expensive but do provide an additional feature. Rollers feel more like the real thing when it comes to massaging the body. They are meant to stimulate the user’s muscles as an actual masseuse would. Rollers can go in a multitude of different directions and can greatly increase the impact of the massage chair’s massages.

Massage Types

There are different styles of massages in a massage chair as well, depending on the make and brand. There are those that focus on kneading motions in which the body is pressed gently into by the device, mainly for the improvement of blood flow. Rolling motions, as noted above, are meant to help reduce pressure in the body while the tapping type of massage chair feature is meant to help with soreness and tension in the models. There are also models of chairs that have specifically different types of massage options, like those in a spa. These include programs and patterns of vibrations and pulsations that mimic shiatsu or Swedish massages. To help break it down, use this guide:
The Style

Style is important for any home furnishings. The massage chairs on the market today take this into consideration. Those that are purchasing will find some pretty interesting and unique options in the type and overall aesthetic of chairs. There are those that are designed to look sleek and sophisticated and those that fit into a homier style palette. There are also chairs that recline and those that do not. Depending on the space that you have and where you are going to be placing a massage chair, it is important to consider the style when selecting your device and also when researching them.

8. The Top Brands

Based on the information provided and the different criteria to look for, there are a few brands that you may want to consider when looking for a massage chair. These are among the top names in the industry with a longevity that is based upon their reputation of superior performance. These top brands include:
1. Fujita
2. Cozzia
3. Infinity
4. Human Touch
5. Lucaro
6. Inner Balance
7. iComfort
8. Osaki
9. Panasonic
10. Inada

Note: these are not the only brands on the market and the only ones that you will come across. They are, instead, among the top in performance and notoriety. As such, those looking should be aware that these brands have the reputation of trustworthiness that one would likely want in their massage chair purchases.

Putting It All Together
A massage chair has many medicinal and physical benefits when used properly. From mental to physical health improvements, these chairs can provide a great deal of help to those that are seeking physical benefits that a chair can bring. The goal of this article is to delve deeper into the factors that make a massage chair great and help you in choosing the one that is right for you.

Now, equipped with all of this knowledge, it is important to understand that you have options-and amazing ones at that—when it comes to buying a massage chair. From the different brands to the different criteria to look for to the benefits of having a massage chair, this information should empower you to choose the chair that is right for you and your needs. Remember, taking the time to research—including revisiting this article as needed—can be very beneficial in making the right choice for your needs. From examining the style to the look to the functionality, there is a chair out there that is perfect for your needs and your goals. Have fun shopping and choosing the right one!